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  Author Cherrie McRae Introduces Success Memoirs Vols. 1 & 2...

Cherrie McRae, Success Leader, Mentor, Motivator & Author gives you very practical insight that will navigate you in uncovering the anecdote to life’s success formula. “I created this first volume of Success Memoirs because I once struggled with the belief that I can and could, one day, be my own idea of success. It was not until I confided in a few trusted and positive individuals who poured repetitive affirmations into my life, that I began to realize, If I can simply convert simply hearing, ‘you can do it,’ into ‘wow, I  really can do this,’ is when things really began happening for me and to me. I am thankful for the persistence of both my models and examples and promised myself, that one day, I too, will pass the torch of championing others by rooting them on to their own individualized level of success.”




Success Memoirs, vol.1, is a very realistic, candid conversation from the author’s mouth to the listener’s ears. So what exactly will you gain from this audio series?

  • practical success revelations that are sure to be eye-opening

  • highlights of what is necessary to get you to the next level of success, and keep you there

  • enforce positive thinking

  • empowering strategies that will propel you in the right direction

  • cheer-leading you to your next level

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Success Memoirs Vol. II Launching Fall 2018

Success Memoirs Launch Event Highlights

Message from the Author

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