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Cherrie McRae, Georgia transplant and Florida Native moved to Atlanta in 2006 in an effort to search out a better quality of life for both her and her then, 6 year old son Cj. Currently, she is a working in the field of entertainment as an actor in film, television and theatre, model, philanthropist & empowerment author and speaker. She loves to network with others, travel, spend time with her son, exercise, create gift basket keepsakes, volunteer, hike, visit art museums, race at the motor speedway, horseback ride, spoken word & songwriter, photography (the list really goes on...). Cherrie can admit, however, that she more than enjoys life, even during times where she experiences low moments. She takes her craft(s) of acting, modeling, writing, speaking and community service very serious. "I am ever-evolving" she notes. Cherrie is an intellectual, personable, encouraging, creative, high energy, bubbly social butterfly whose daily mantra is “Wake up and Dream!”