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Cherrie McRae

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Cherrie McRae, Georgia transplant and Florida Native moved to Atlanta in 2006 in an effort to search out a better quality of life for both her and her then, 6 year old son Cj.


Currently, she is a full time professional working actor with over 40+ screen actor credits. She has appeared on TV and Streaming Networks; STARZ, NBC, AllBlackNetwork, HULU, FX, BET, Amazon Prime, Disney, A&E, Peacock, Tubi, etc. She works in multi-markets and has also worked internationally in the Dominican Republic on a hit series.


Cherrie is also an active community advocate, philanthropist,  empowerment author and speaker. She loves connecting with like-minds and networking with other industry professionals. She especially loves to travel, spend time with her family, who majority reside in South Florida. "I am ever-evolving" she notes. I am incredibly passionate about my Career as an actor! Cherrie is an intellectual, personable, extremist go-etter. She is an inspiring, high energy, bubbly social butterfly whose daily mantra is to, “Wake up and Dream!”

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